Saturday, February 28, 2009

Folktales at Lupine Lane!

On Monday, we will begin a session on Folktales!  We will do a separate Folktale for each class of the day, since some kids will attend all of the classes.

This week's Folktales will involve chickens and hens, and I will bring a special surprise!

Absolutely Art will use "Chicken Little" as the inspiration.  We will start the class with circle time, sing a song to get to know one another and read "Chicken Little."  We will talk about the moral of the tale: spreading rumors.  Then, for our project, we will decorate wooden bird houses, just in time for the start of spring!  I will provide bird seed, so the bird house will be ready to be hung right up!

In Kinder Cooks, we will use "The Little Red Hen" as our focus.  We will also begin this class with circle time, sing a song to get to know one another and then read "The Little Red Hen."  We will discuss the importance of helping others, as "The Little Red Hen" illustrates.  In my version of the story, the Hen makes corn muffins.  We will begin by making some scrumptious corn muffins and then finish up with making some strawberry jam.  Everyone will take home their very own jar!

Family and Friends Playtime will only involve the theme in limited ways, if at all.  Since there are some very young children in FFP, we will stick to basic songs, games and free play.

Also, check out Lupine Lane's display in the lobby at the Clay Madsen Center!


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