Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lupine Lane's Private Classes

After this post about private classes and a post about birthday parties, I will begin to post what we are doing in our classes each week and any other important information about what is going on with Lupine Lane (party pictures, new classes or when I finishing learning how to use Dreamweaver and update with all new and wonderful information).  For now, I'd like to talk about our private classes.

At this point, Lupine Lane is offering private classes to individuals or groups of children.  These classes are completely customized.  So, we can come for one class for one child or a collage of classes for a group of children.  For instance, one might wish to schedule an hour and a half and combine Absolutely Art and Kinder Cooks into 45 minute classes.  Or, we can come for a playgroup in the morning and conduct Family and Friends Playtime and Lil' Music Makers with the younger siblings and then hold a 2 hour Fun With Photography with the older siblings when they return from their days at preschool.

Also, we are available for Kids' Night Out on a private basis.  We will bring karaoke, a disco ball, lots of music, toys, books, projects, and even dinner for the kids.  Do you have a group of parents hitting the town?  Finding childcare for everyone's little guys will be a snap, and the kids will have as wonderful of a time as the adults!

Lupine Lane can do this at someone's home or arrange for a location, perhaps the children's school or a recreation center in the area.  We will arrive equipped with all of the materials needed for each child in each class.

Lupine Lane is elated to offer private classes, since this allows parents to completely customize what they wish to do.  Call (512-565-1501) or email ( Lupine Lane today to set up your child or playgroup's private classes!  We can't wait to hear from you!


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