Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Curriculum

Lupine Lane will now use a theme for each session (in recreation centers where classes are organized into 4 week sessions).

Each session will maintain a theme for the duration (4 classes), where aspects of the theme are tied into each class in a unique and meaningful way. For instance, this past session, we focused on a different geographic area in each class and created art projects and food influenced by the specific place. Now, we will use a general theme and develop it fully over 4 classes such as the Wild West, Folk Tales or the Rainforest.

I am eager to begin teaching this way. The kids will be able to get a better grasp on concepts since the themes will be fully developed over the 4 classes. We will read books, sing songs, listen to music, create projects and delicious food based on the theme for each session. This will be a great preparation for school since it will require the kids to recall and associate information from different classes to put together the bigger idea. I'm looking forward to this!

I will create a post with information about the next session's theme soon!


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