Sunday, March 8, 2009

This Week at Lupine Lane...

Last week was a lot of fun with our little chicks as our guests! I'm so glad the children had a chance to see the little guys and were able to relate the chicks to our folktales and projects. This week, we will continue our session on folktales. We will be reading two stories that involve apples!

In Absolutely Art, we will begin with attendance, circle time songs, and the folktale "Four Friends." This is a story of four animal friends working together to plant a seed and grow a tree. When the friends work together, they are all able to benefit and enjoy the "fruits" of their labor. We will be stamp painting clay plant pots and use some embellishments to decorate them a bit more. I will bring some dirt and watermelon seeds to plant in our decorated pots. When the seeds begin to grow, you and your child will have to transplant it into the ground so the plant has enough room to grow and produce the fruit.

In Kinder Cooks, we will begin with attendance, circle time songs, and the folktale "Johnny Appleseed." We will talk a bit about apples and then make two treats. We will use the apple machine to core, peel and slice our apples. We'll use the peels to make Apple Peel Gummy Worms!!! Then, we'll use the other parts of the apple to make apple sauce! This will be delicious!

Also, we have quite a few little ones in Family and Friends Playtime now! We would love to have more kids to play! At Clay Madsen, FFP starts at 10:00 on Court B in the gym. At Lakeway, FFP starts at 10:30 in Room C. The cost is $8 for an hour of songs, games, play and parachute fun! Bring your little ones to FFP!


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