Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Week of July 20th at Lupine Lane

Hello All!

This week in Multicultural Month we'll focus on Greece in Absolutely Art and Kinder Cooks and Ireland in Music Makers and Fun With Photography.

Lil' Absolutely Art and Absolutely Art

This week, we'll be making Greek vases in class! Children will learn about different types of greek pottery. And, kids will view examples of Greek artwork on pottery, so that they may paint their own Grecian scene on their vase.

Lil' Music Makers and Music Makers

This week, we will be working on past songs using 4/4 rhythm and rest beats. We will also do a bit of review with our Spanish and French songs. Then, we will learn Brocham Lom and S'Ann An Ile, 2 new Celtic songs that are sung in Gaelic!

Lil' Kinder Cooks and Kinder Cooks

This week, we'll be making traditional Greek food! We'll be making Pita Bread and fresh hummus and a Greek Yogurt Parfait for a sweet treat!

Fun With Photography

This week in Fun with Photography, we'll head outside again to work more with the reflectors. This week, we'll work with the cool light reflector. Then, we'll head inside to make it look like we're in rainy Ireland in our photos! Check out Jasmine's Photo turned Oil Painting from last week below!


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