Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Week of August 17th at Lupine Lane

Hello Everyone!
I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that Lupine Lane will offer classes at the Bella Mar Community Center in Steiner Ranch on Fridays beginning in September! Check our calendar for the schedule!

We've also added "The Afterschool Supper Club" at the Lakeway Activity Center. Young chefs will learn what it takes to prepare a dinner for four! Kids will have a full kitchen experience, learning about different utensils and ingredients, as they prepare dinner for their family. Menus will include a diverse range of interesting dishes that will broaden even the most sophisticated palate! Each chef will bring home a delicious dinner for four! Every Thursday from 5-6:30pm.

Lil' Absolutely Art and Absolutely Art

We'll read "Somebody Has To" from Silverstein's A Light in the Attic and we'll be making star maracas! We'll be constructing, painting and gluing!

Lil' Kinder Cooks and Kinder Cooks

We'll be reading "Wild Strawberries" from Silverstein's A Light in the Attic. Then, we'll be baking strawberry swirl cheesecake! Chefs will learn how to make graham cracker crust, cheesecake filling and a strawberry swirl!

Lil' Music Makers and Music Makers

We'll be learning a new song to illustrate this month's main concept: tempo! We'll learn "Down by the Station" and become train conductors, making the train go fast and slow! We'll also review what musical notes look like!

Fun With Photography

We'll be working with our lights and backdrops again as we take self portraits and then turn them into a comic book drawing in Photoshop! Check out Ben's Pop Art photograph below!

Kid Kits

I wanted to mention Lupine Lane's Kid Kits, since I haven't in a while. We still have some of the original Kid Kits, and are currently making new ones, including Kinder Cooks Kid Kits! Look for us at holiday craft shows this fall!

The Things They Say

"Alright, guys. Here's the deal." -Ari, age 2


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