Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Week of November 2nd at Lupine Lane

Hello! I hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween!

This Saturday, November 7, Lupine Lane will offer Kid Kits at the Steiner Ranch Holiday Fair! We hope to see you there!

This month, our theme will be American Tradition, as we approach Thanksgiving! We'll read books about Thanksgiving in each class. In Absolutely Art, we'll be creating useful items to use in the kitchen. In Kinder Cooks, we'll be cooking delicious traditional American fare. In Music Makers, we'll sing songs that define our country and learn some American Folk songs as well. In Fun With Photography, we'll learn about an American artist and then turn our photos into pieces similar to the artist's.

Lil' Absolutely Art and Absolutely Art
We'll be making a ceramic and cork trivet! Then, we'll head outside to find some leaves and make leaf prints with fall colors.

Lil' Kinder Cooks and Kinder Cooks
What could be a better way to begin our American Tradition month than with hamburgers and fries?!

Lil' Music Makers and Music Makers
We'll be working on marching songs like "You're a Grand Old Flag" and "Yankee Doodle!"

Fun With Photography
We'll learn about Andy Warhol and then learn how to take self portraits. We'll then turn out portraits into Pop Art!

The After School Supper Club
We'll be making hamburgers, fries and delicious salad!

The Things They Say
"I a fork lift!" Archer, 20 months


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