Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Week of November 30th at Lupine Lane

Hello all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This month will be full of Holiday Cheer, as this month's theme is Holiday Traditions.

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Lil' Absolutely Art and Absolutely Art
This week, we'll be making Santa Stockings and tiny ornaments for a little tree we'll decorate next week!

Lil' Kinder Cooks and Kinder Cooks
We'll start this month off by making a staple at the Italian Holiday Dinner Table: Lasagna! We'll make the lasagna pasta sheets from scratch using the pasta machines!

Lil' Music Makers and Music Makers
We'll be talking about the pieces in an orchestra. We'll also build on our knowledge of the fact that music creates emotion by learning how music can tell a story. We'll begin to listen to and learn about the Nutcracker!

The After School Supper Club
We'll be making holiday lasagna, a delicious roasted vegetable side salad and our first Italian cookie in our series of Italian cookies for desert this month.

The Things They Say
"I love cooking class, baby!" Marco, age 5


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