Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Fun Information and The Week of May 31st with Lupine Lane

Greetings to you and to Summertime! We are jumping into summer and making a big splash with fun and fresh themes, perfect for the sunny days ahead! Check out our calendar to get the latest class schedule!

This summer, we'll be at Clay Madsen on Mondays and Tuesdays, Lakeway on Wednesdays and Fern Bluff on Thursdays. We are offering Mommy and Me Classes: Lil' Absolutley Art, Lil' Kinder Cooks and Lil' Music Makers, as well as our Drop Off Classes: Absolutely Art, Kinder Cooks and The Summertime Supper Club! Come join us for some learning, laughter and creative fun!

We'll kick off the summer season in Lakeway on June 2nd and in Fern Bluff on June 3rd! Classes will begin at Clay Madsen on June 7th!

Lil' Absolutely Art (2-4 years, with adult) and Absolutely Art (4-7 years)
This month's theme will be the ocean! This week, we'll be making a message in a bottle! We'll paint a self portrait using water colors and include a message with our work of art. The kids will think about something unique about themselves that they would like to share with someone across the ocean. Finally, we'll paint a water bottle to hold our portrait and message!

Lil' Kinder Cooks (2-4 years, with adult) and Kinder Cooks (4-7 years)
This month, we'll be making cuisine from the Caribbean Islands! This week, we'll make coconut shrimp and Rasta Pasta!

The Summertime Supper Club (7-12 years)
We'll take a trip to the Caribbean Isles this month as we learn about and make delicious foods from the tropics! This week, we'll make coconut shrimp, Rasta Pasta, and pineapple salad!

The Things They Say
"This is the best dino cake I've ever made!" Egan, on his 5th birthday!


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